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Uterine fibroid is a benign tumor of uterus, affect adolescent female between20-50, usually pt came with complain of pelvic pain, irregular cycles, heavy bleed.
-asymptomatic pt can be managed with jst observation. But symptomatic pt may require sx if medical mx fail.
-young pt who willing for family opt for myomectomy (lap/open) and pt wid comple family may opt for hysterectomy (lap/open).
We hv operated a 26yr old female wid two large uterine fibroid (7*6cm) and (3*2cm) admitted wid c/c of heavy bleed ND pelvic pain. Pt was posted for laparoscopic myomectomy. Pt recovered well ND dischared on pod 2.

40yr old male pt came wid complain of recurrent intestinal obstruction. He was a known case of ilioceacal mass ? Tubercular ? Crohn's. Pt was on regular ATT Course since last 6 month. In spite of dat mass and symptoms were gradually increasing.

Bx was inconclusive fr malignancy and tuberculosis.

Due to obstructive symptoms pt was posted fr rt hemicolectomy.

Postoperatively pt recovered well, liq started on pod -2 and discharged on pod 5.

Final bx report reveal tuberculosis

70yr old men came wid complian of pain abdomn, obstipation , mass per anus dice 2yr .he was diagnosed as a c/o ca anorectum wid obstruction . Pt was explained about d procedure nad complication .after dat he was posted fr APR and end colostomy .postoperatively pt was recovered well.